"Only you can help gon… I can’t do anything….!”

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13/? favourite anime characters: killua zoldyck (hunter x hunter)

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He’s going to be a difficult opponent when he starts high school.

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who don’t believe in anything?

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back to school masterpost!!!! image

a lot of my friends are heading back to school really soon. so i thought it’d be nice to put together something for them. if you’re reading this, you’re going to be fine. everything will turn out okay!!!!! ^u^ you may not feel as ready as some of your classmates and that’s okay too!!! it doesn’t make you any less of a wonderful human being. school is terrifying sometimes and you can’t compare yourself to anyone else’s standards, ESPECIALLY when it comes to school. as small and helpless as you might feel in the face of that huge concrete institution, all you have to do is stick true to what makes you feel comfortable and safe, and let the first week back just roll over your shoulders. it’ll be over sooner than you think, i just know it. you’re very loved and will get through this!!!! ^o^


school resources:

mental health resources

misc resources!!!


i’m here for you if you need me. my skype is chelspuffle. be safe and be strong, friends!!!!


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naruto challenge: (1/3) favourite relationship → ino-shika-cho

"today, a new legend will be born."

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